Our Objectives


(1) Education

The trust will do all the Activities go grow up the

Educational and mental level of the people of the society and get

Them more and more educational facilities and will encourage them and will also be helpful to them. For co-ordination of secure society from lower level of the society and relating to  bringing up the good culture, to set up Baby-land, Anganwadies, K.G., Primary School, Sewing Class, Secondary and Higher SecondarySchool, Colleges, college for nursing courses, to set up medical colleges, to set up pharmacy colleges, to set up colleges for B.Ed., C.P.Ed, D.P.Ed., B.P.Ed,  ATD and PTC, to set up the.  Girls-schools, Shelter-schools, Technical – Computer institutions and also to set up other institutions related to the same and maintain and conduct the same and also become helpful for the same and Handover the activities for the same. To arrange Schools and Hostels for mentally retarded child, dump silence child and other child belongs mentally and physically defects. To give education like mentally, physically, industrially, commercially, scientifically, agriculturally, computer, professional technical and medical and also expand the same. To provides facility for Adult-education to illiterate persons.

(2) Health 

To arrange free health camps for  needy people, maintain the health and happiness very smoothly for the people of rural area. To provides all the facilities to remove the physical problems and also handover the activities for the same and give encouragement for the same and become helpful. To becomes helpful in the work of  family planning and also expand the same and for the same, arrange surgical service and camps for the same. To establish and maintain the dispensaries, diagnosis centers, research centers, laboratories and also provides medicines like Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, .Allopathic and Unani and also to start the medical colleges of Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Allopathic, Yoga, Naturopathy Unani Branch. To provide the service for Pharmacy, Blood bank and Ambulance Service and also provides other facilities. To handover the researchable activities. To try to give guidelines to


People relating to incurable disease like. HIV. / AIDS, Cancer etc.

(3) Female Empowerment

Trust will do arrangement of Female Camps time to time and also Becomes helpful for the Unity of Female of rural area.  Try to  Remove the difficulties of female of Poor, aboriginal, weak and backward classes and also becomes helpful to physically and mentally handicapped people of the society. To carry out activities to empower the females especially of rural area and of tribal belt. To carry out activities to make the female independent especially of rural area and of tribal belt.

(4) Social Service:-

Will do help to the affected persons by natural calamities like Excessive Rainfall, Drought, Earthquake and at the time of Human being calamities. For passing rest of life by old-age person calmly and peacefully to arrange and maintain old-house or old-shelter. To sets up Charity Kitchen and Charity Kitchen Center. To handovers the activities to provide the human usage materials and also try to provide clean drinking water to rural area by Setting up the hand-pump and also to dig well and will do all the activities for the same.

(5) Good culture:-

To tries to take interest in foundation of nation by male and female of rural area and also try to develop the nation sentiment of them. To celebrates national festivals and events. To handovers and becomes helpful for the expansion and extension the no sectarianism and along with this for foundation of society as per historical cultural, handovers all the activities. To makes arrangement and administrate the programme for welfare of society and take visible or invisible part for the same. To handover the programme for abolition the defects of the society like blind – faith, dowry, and child-marriage.

(6) Rural infrastructure :- Try to create modern infrastructure in rural area, implementing the concept of SMART VILLAGE in rural areas.